When you’re out there shopping for denims, it’s not an easy task! There is a problem of too many to choose from in terms of different colours or various styles. Moreover, not every pair of jeans is created in the same fashion and neither are we as individuals. Research suggests that we tend to choose our pair of essentials on the basis of our personality traits. So, what does it say about you as an individual when you choose a pair of jeans over others? Below given is a list, read on to find out
1. Black Slim Fits for Problem Solvers
If you seem to find these fits attractive, you are probably one of those people who ride or die all the way to get their job done. They prefer to have everything checked off their to-do list. In fact, black slim fits are their first preference to look sexy. These individuals also tend to be nostalgic about their past and have a big old school jean in their personality. Along with being up-front with their work, these people don’t care about the world and are always very confident with their fashion sense.
2. Light Grey Jeans for the Boss
Denims are like a blank canvas and the ones that are light grey in colour reflect those individuals who blend in the environment they are put into! Those people who prefer light grey essentials as their go-to silhouette are on the outfront have a lot of strength. People who prefer to reflect their swag through light grey jeans will also put their strong foot forward in achieving their goals no matter the number of sacrifices it might take. These are the same people who get a sense of finished look in their grey denims as it makes them feel independent while they own the room.
3. Take a Chill Pill in Olive Denims
If you are a guy who is obsessed with playing with colours, chances are high that you own or are wearing olive denims. You are definitely killing it out there by choosing olive denims as you have it in you to be fearless while wearing what you want to wear. Oh, wait! You’ll also preferably have a soft corner for the memories from the past when styling ideas have popped it off for you in the crowd. You might find yourself in control of the situation whenever you tend to efficiently take over tasks successfully.
4. Spotting the Trend of Blue Whiskered Jeans and Setting it
If you find charm in blue whiskered jeans, chances are high that you lean towards classics more than anything. In fact, you’ll find yourself sticking to it for a period of time to get the feels of  living-in-my-fit. Moreover, you might not really be interested in fitting in the room because you are self-aware that your styling is coolest in your circle. The versatility of this denim unlocks when you can feel free to wear it during a trip to a cafe with your buddies as well as when you have a formal meeting to attend while your sophisticated look remains unchanged throughout. Not to forget your choice of these essentials is your ultimate choice for happiness and your investment in both of them will be profitable.
5. Dark Blue Distressed Jeans for the ones who are ridiculously Hip
Just like the threads in these distressed jeans, you too are sensitive to your surrounding environment. At the same time they depict that you’ve got the rebelliousness left in you to show the world that you’re confident in achieving your goals. Someone who opts for them and styles these jeans will always be remembered in the crowd as the one who is a chaser of aesthetics. Certainly, it might be the first thing people notice when they see you and that cannot stop you from portraying your powerful personality.
So what do your favourite denims speak about you? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, share this blog within your community so that we present before you more blogs in this domain.


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