The colour Blue is a serene shade that represents intelligence, knowledge, depth, power, responsibility, trust, and dependability.

Similarly, Buddha is a strong symbol of wisdom, ethics, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, faith, energy, and most of all, being aware.

Blue Buddha is a brand where these two personalities come together to become one who thinks, who is responsible, ethical, can be trusted upon, and is aware & amp; in control of his surroundings. We strongly believe that we are all the result of what we have thought. What you Think: you Become.

Everything that we do, is with a reason. The Three Dots, symbolic of “Therefore”, thus define us.

“I Think, Therefore I Am”


The Spirit of Blue Buddha is born of this environment, and it embodies a passionate search of excellence in the performance of materials, the simplicity of forms, the functionality of details: a precious know-how in continuous growth.

Blue Buddha’s apparels are fabricated by expert hands through long and meticulous working stages, in accordance with highly demanding qualitative standards.

A perfect combination of comfort, practicality and contemporary design, they are true foundation items in every wardrobe. Multifunctional and versatile, they accompany all activities with dynamism, in any climatic condition: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A total look has been developed for a lifestyle in continuous motion, in metropolitan and natural settings, for business environments and for leisure time away from town.

Proudly Indian, the brand thinks globally and is already present in multiple states across the nation.