What You Imagine You Create
What You Dream You Achieve
What You Think You Become

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

– Buddha

To stay ahead of the change, the future intelligent workplace will need to go beyond collaborative environments to provide a more immersive, personalized experience. Realizing a firm’s cultural promise through the physical form and sequence of its space will be the primary difference in tomorrow’s workplace. We are talking about the workplace from where the BLUE BUDDHA team gives you the best of itself.

The Idea / The Design

We deliver our outputs through such a space that has a very open, transparent, creative, dynamic and vibrant environment; these are also the pillars of belief our brand stands on.

Located at one of the most prominent area of the city, with Flyover view from those great french windows enabling a direct view to the fast-paced commuters of the city. Gives us a lot of inspiration and zest to keep going all day long. It was a love at first sight when we saw this perfectly rectangular pillar-less playground-like elevation. We loved the vibe it carried and were sure this would turn out to be the perfect space.

While selecting the materials and the design of the space, we were sure we wanted to keep it minimal yet functional. Also carrying forward the same theme of the our stores was the best decision. The blues, greys, using wood and metal made the office calm yet energetic. Used blue due to its nature to calm the mind and giving the ability to think straight. Used grey due to its property to balance things out. We believe balance is the key and we search for balance in everything. It makes the work looks in a flow, and we are fans of flow. The use of wood for a casual and a raw look because a brand we represent our core item as denim, hence, Raw. The use of metal was to again balance the look of raw wood with the sophisticated metal look.

It’s now well acknowledged that the environment and design of our workplaces have an impact on our productivity. Although change has been glacial, an organization’s offices tell volumes about its philosophy, beliefs, and attitudes toward people, as well as its ability to meet future difficulties successfully. Our offices, corridors, lobbies, and meeting rooms explicitly address three segments to whom every corporation must persuade: Employees, whose devotion and ideas are crucial; innovative and motivated talent, which all good businesses strive to attract; and, of course, the customer. Like this we have, Reception area, open office spaces, casual hangout space, Conference, Meeting Room, Cabins, Pantry.

As study suggests,
Humans are social animal and want to be able to interact with each other. Study says that an open arrangement improves the mood of employees. So modern offices are designed to encourage collaboration and interaction as modern employers understand that employees being able to interact while they work is beneficial – rather than detrimental – to long term productivity.

To support this study, we have common spaces designed for informal discussions and increased interaction and those random meetings. The idea of our office is to allow to free flow of thoughts, discussions, ideas, which makes us the brand that we are. Moreover, everybody is treated as equal, no corrupted ideas, no hierarchy, bureaucracy.

“ Freedom imparted with Responsibility ”

We believe that if you want top quality work then you need to give top quality workspace.

The Vision

This office has pushed our seriousness to outlook towards retail. Only about 20% of retail in India is organized. We see an immense potential in the coming years in our country with multiple Indian corporates, conglomerates, along with multinational companies are flooding the Indian retail space. And we are very eager to contribute to this change. This is a step to have a sizable footprint in the Indian organized retail space.

‘We think, therefore we are’ , is the philosophy we stand by. With this philosophy we have built a brand with pan India presence. The launch of stores across multiple states, and now also the launch of e-commerce takes us step closer to the goal. It enables us to serve customers without any boundaries or limitations.

This office is not a luxury to us but instead adds responsibility to our shoulders to deliver the best to our stakeholders. Every small step is reviewed and developed in this office, be it design, merchandising, marketing, accounting or IT. All of this happens in this office and we make sure that the best reaches to you.

“ When it comes to Fashion, we are very serious about Casual-wear ”

The Culture

This office is our happy place and our place of worship. We encourage freshers as well as experienced to be a part of our team. The average age of our team is 30 years.
We believe mornings are the most productive parts of the day so we start our days early and end early, thus enjoying more work satisfaction and have actual time to spare for family and personal self. Keeping family priorities in mid, we are allowed holidays or work from home, hence having a flexible nature at workplace.

We eat together, have birthday celebrations, share knowledge, and learn from each other. And hey! Here’s another secret, we love pizzas and coffee (of course !) Music and of course our national food – Maggie! And belonging from Ahmedabad, guess what often makes it our way to our pantry? You’re right, Fafda and Chai !
Cannot work without the staple – Adrak Wali Chai.


Blue Buddha

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Blue Buddha

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