You are what you wear. The way you dress contributes to how you express your identity and reflects your personality. Fashion and personality are closely associated; one’s personality forms their identity that is both personal and public. For instance, if you present yourself in a meeting, you want to channel professionalism. But in case of a movie night with your partner, you would dress up cozy and warm to exhibit comfort. Styling in a particular manner can help you portray your dominant traits as an overview of your personality. It can help emphasize an attribute notably and effectively. Here are some ways you can build a wardrobe that reflects your “authentic self” and style according to your personality traits.


Their style is completely their own. They would never follow the latest trends. “Go with the flow and embrace spontaneity” is a motto they live by. Often mistaken as lazy, the free-spirited consider what others think about their attire, irrelevant. They define their style, which usually exhibits confidence and comfort. They are more likely to put on clothes for utility and practicality. Throwing on a classic pair of blue jeans and a round-neck tee would be a go-to for most of them.


For them, their wardrobe is all about being timeless. It’s about quality and owning pieces that are never going out of style. They could be perceived as “playing safe”. Although they won’t be the flashiest people in a room, they will always manage to look dapper. A peek into their closet reveals a majority of neutral colors. They prefer solids and stripes over prints. Of all the personality types, the classic type doesn’t hesitate in investing in quality pieces. A dark pair of pants and a white shirt is their staple ensemble. 


They are the type who dreads the idea of engaging in small talk, the ones who would prefer alone time over a raging party. They like to spend time in comfortable places that are isolated. Much like free-spirited people, they would prioritize comfort over trends. They are the real safe players, always trying to keep it simple and managing to blend in. They would count on a comfy pair of shorts and a round neck tee to assure them no hindrance during the day.


Extroverts make a statement without trying to make a statement. Anything new or interesting catches their eyes and they are usually first in line to try anything that has gained popularity. There is no limit to their dressing. They carry a bold attitude, are unconventional, and do not shy away from attention. They are not afraid of standing apart, know who they are, and dress accordingly. Extroverts are experimental risk takers who push the envelope and go for eccentric prints and unusual color combinations. 


Active and practical are two words associated with a wanderer. They are inquisitive, curious, and confident. The dressing isn’t the most important thing for them but their style is quite impressive and low maintenance. “Hipsters with much more swag” is a perfect description for them. They could be classified as a perfect blend of comfort and style. Wanderers have an individualized style but also prioritize activewear that’s long-lasting. They must take their wardrobe on a safari with cargo and refined earth tones. 

Pick your style personality from the road map we’ve tried to create, to have a good handle on it. Build a wardrobe with Blue Buddha, that best reflects you and project yourself to the world in the finest possible way. 

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