Denim. Ever since it came into fashion it has stayed as a quintessential part of the industry. Moreover, there have been advancements to the fabric's technicality and chemistry that make it even more relevant to the generation of today’s age. Isn’t it fascinating to know that a skinny-fit or Slim fit denim cut out ten years back would still make the same impact and give you the same edge it ever did?

That’s the power of the blue spirit that a denim fabric embodies when dyed. Creating a zealous appeal to itself with shades of blue soaked up. Fashion itself means relevant to recent times, and Denim as a fashion holds its value as an omnipresent staple clothing.

Denim has always been symbolic of many different events of history and fields of art as well, which makes it so Iconic and timeless to be precise. May it be The Beatles, The Queens, Guns N Roses, or Any Classic Rock and Roll Band, their looks weren’t complete without Denims.  The Denim has also acted as a rebellion symbol to several counter-productive actions back in the 60s. Denim also started getting associated with HipHop culture when rappers with huge clout started coming up with some laid-back loose jeans and making it streetwear in literal terms.

A more important thing to look at for today is it’s a statement and a commodity, all at once, because today not just artists or rebels but every third person is seen wearing Denim Jeans, and a general perspective is that it’s something that boosts one’s confidence to push himself hard enough to do things that make him a step closer to things he always wanted to achieve, It can be a traveller with a bag full of amazing stories, a chef with numerous cuisines to offer, A painter with a brush on the canvas and making his denim his palette, or an individual at rest reading sitting in zen mode; Everyone has their own destinies to attain.

As Denim was earlier used by Miners and Sailors mostly as the Indigo dye that they dyed was a very significant tone that hid spots really well, also the traditional watch pockets and rivets on your jeans come from the same, and hence Denim in its early days a very heavy, rugged, not-so-comfortable fit; idea of wearing a classic denim silhouette to keep you soulful or a bit daring design that gives out an edgy persona is a matter of perspective, however with changing times People seek comfort.

Now when we look at denim available today it’s almost transcendental at first glimpse. A commodity that was associated with labourers in the west is now a Fashion statement on a huge scale. It’s been used at a scale that it has evolved itself with enhanced flexibility, durability and comfort.

They say it’s going to be denim all over again, we believe it never left.


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