The evolution of denim has brought in new styles, variations, and trends. The denim-on-denim is back in trend, and even celebrities are styling their outfits purely denim based as it goes more rad. The key is to amalgamate all the shades of blue, black, white, etc for a wholesome look. So, to transform yourself into a diehard denim dude while keeping in mind some ground rules read on :- 


Hold Up, when one mentions the double denim trend, it does not have to be in a single color of blue. You can quirk up your outfit by adding a touch of light or dark wash of grey, black, or even white denim as bottoms to your outfit. Now, with a denim blue shirt of a darker wash, you have got a spot-on color combination for a clean look. For a steal-worthy look, you can wear sneakers and printed socks. Make sure to turn up your denim by folding the hem of your jeans in the same proportion to showcase your eye-catching socks.


A complete denim look is like a neutral canvas that begs to be colored. You can pop some life into it by styling your outfits with some jewelry, especially some shiny chains, cocktail rings, trendy denim shoes, etc. To keep it accessible, while going out in the sun one can still keep up with this trend by choosing a denim bucket hat or even a denim bandana and maybe some blue shades to keep yourself cool off. To beat the heat, one also resorts to an unbuttoned denim shirt in popping color like red combined together with a subtle pastel-colored denim undershirt. Fashion gurus are seen hopping onto triple denim wherein they have also considered stylish durable denim bags while setting off for work.


Your denim-on-denim just cannot be around the colors of blue. A step further is to take prints into consideration. From stripes, floral, or even checkered layered with either a co-ord set or a printed denim shirt with plain denim trousers and vice versa enhances a boujee look. You can also keep it different as you decide to keep your sleeves cuffed up! This trend that was once retro has now become timeless! Along with prints, denims with embellishments also notch up your fashion game

So, next time you opt for denim-on-denim, getting it to match one another should not be your first preference, rather one should look up to leading style icons like Ranveer Singh and his style mantra of playing around with silhouettes while getting their denim ensembles together. So, what is your denim OOTD going to look like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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