Everybody has their motivation force that pulls them out fo their bed. It can be your morning coffee, newspaper, watering your plants, etc. Over the long run these activities become monotonous that’s when procrastination creeps in. However, one simple activity like styling your own outfits everyday will bring out the creativity in you, make you look fly in whatever place you visit during the day as well as it can never become boring because new day, new attire to assemble! Now, to make it even simpler for you, below we’ve different outfits absolutely for you to cover for your day-to-day events

Brunch wear to a fancy cafe

Brunch visits in itself are very relaxing at the same it pumps you for the forthcoming day. You’ll never compromise on your dapper style if you style a comforting pastel coloured denim jeans with solid white t-shirt. In fact, a graphic or printed white tee will appear absolutely uber! You can add finishing touches to your look by slipping a pair of rust red or even olive coloured loafers. No doubt you rpersonality first speaks through your pair of shoes and wacky colours will make you the most stylish dude in the room. Also, don’t forget your minimal yet intricate detalings to your look in terms of rings and wrist chains.

That dreaded 3 p.m. meeting

In a round table conference or a board room meeting, your clothes will speak for you even before you begin with your presentation. However, wearing something that is aligned with your inner zen self is the key to success over half the meeting. A bold black shirt or other dark colours from your wardrobe will step up your typical office wear. Next you need is to mix it up and match with grey trousers, navy denims will equate with the visibility of your presence.

Your go-to for Casual Friday’s and After Hours

Let’s say you’ve just received a prime invite to a party at your work place and you’re in confusion as to what’ll be the best outfit. Your modern man dress code should be nothing other than laid- back dark coloured shirts. The reason being you can easily pull it off in case of accidental spillage as it is hard to spot over darker colours. In addition with that, some quirky bow-tie turns out really classy. For the bottoms choosing colours like grey or navy blue chinos will appear neat as well as spot on for special occasions. Lastly for a professional complete look, opt for your leather shoes and very conveniently you’ll be fine-wine and dine ready!

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