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Earth colors will be in either saturated or neutral-based color tones. This means that they’ll be a bit more muted and flat. If you imagine an autumn tree’s color scheme, you’ll see very rich yellows and oranges. They’re sharp in color, but they don’t overpower the brown intent of the bark. It all started with casual clothes, and earth tones work especially nicely in jersey. A sand or stone crew-neck tee or overshirt is a wonderful way to get your feet wet in this trend.
Either way, now is a good time to get comfortable with wearing earth tones, you might wonder that earthy tones are for winter but according to us, earthy theme is about getting in touch with the natural elements, and if styled properly, these tones will up your style game even in summers.
This is unquestionably a fantastic time for fashionistas. When it comes to fashion, there is room for both old and new trends. One such trend is a collar tee, to make it stand out choose one with minimal details. Pair a Rust collar tee with a sleek V placket detail with a black bottom, this way you can achieve a summer as well as earthy look both.
Own a Rusty look checkered shirt, pair it up with a Mid wash distressed denim for araw look. Wear a nice sporty watch and you have your Friday look ready !


How about a plain light olive collar neck tee with contrast tipping and the most light and breathable fabric, try this comfortable topwear with a tinted denim and white sneakers and you are good to go.


Less is often more in terms of aesthetic, but there’s a narrow line between minimalist and monotonous. So, how do you make a pared-down outfit pop? The devil is in the details, according to us. Check out our Grandad Collar a.k.a Stand collar shirt with Cut & Sew at both sides. That makes the fit of the shirt even better.


Pair a sage green all-over pattern shirt with dark brown chinos for an outfit that’s easy to put together but can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. Pair your look with a pair of cream and tan jute sneakers to show off your sartorial skills.

Wear a polo shirt with black denim and a contemporary pair of sunglasses to provide a relaxed vibe to any smart casual ensemble. The polo is a more refined version of the classic T-shirt that may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Plain polo shirts are a go-to for a polished look, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour with subtle stripes to really stand out.
Fashion is all about expressing oneself. When worn properly, a floral button-own exudes confidence. If you’re wearing a floral design, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Don’t go with another eye-catching print. That would be going overboard with the aesthetic. Other plain clothing pieces are a good choice. Your button-up floral shirt will look great with jeans or shorts.

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