There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the clothes you choose. The reality of everyday life is far more challenging than any fiction; it requires the supreme effort of being you. Clothing should follow suit, making the person come through, not the designs he or she wears. Truth, honesty, and purposefulness is a new luxury. People need to be clothed, not costumed. Fashion design should be a matter of form, following function. Clothing should first and foremost satisfy the utterly human necessity of representing oneself within society while being something useful and functional; Along with comfort and quality, one should wear pride, personality, attitude, and well-being. There is nothing more classic and iconic than denim, it has had its moment for every generation. It remains an important part of fashion for decades. The very word denim gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

It's challenging to find a style of clothing that is as generally accepted, worn, and admired as jeans. Anyone can wear jeans; for some, they're functional, enduring, and comfortable; for others, they're stylish and cool. Different people associate different things with jeans. The more physical qualities of jeans are frequently what gives them value in our eyes. The type of denim, the style, the manufacturer, or the pre-distressed appearance, the fabric, design, wash, and specifically the quality of cutting and sewing. Therefore we put fashion design at the service of customers and not the other way around.

Fit is everything. You either want comfort, or you want to look really smart, and sometimes both. Blue Buddha’s aim has always been to cover all bases in terms of fit and comfort. We herald clothing as functional, modular and adaptable. We strive for designs that are soulful and timeless. In the passionate search of excellence in performance and materials, we have introduced 4 different denim technologies, Hyperflex, AirLite, Feather Touch and Stay Dark.

Hyperflex technology uses an innovative process that allows the denim to model and fit to your body without losing comfort and is designed using a structure of fabric that ensures the shape is retained wear after wear – allowing you to stretch your limits.

The denim jeans made from Airlite technology make it look authentically heavy yet super light and soft. It gives a denim look backed by comfort. It also has more stretch and a nice soft hand feel.

When denim is meant to be rough and tough by nature, the feather touch technology gives the denim a super soft surface feel and has a special brushing character on its surface. The finishing process makes the fabric very smooth without affecting the genuine feel of the classic denim.

Stay Dark is the latest premium denim fabrication engineered to stay dark over multiple wash cycles, with less fade for the darkest fabric yet.

Blue Buddha embodies a passionate search for excellence in the performance of materials, the simplicity of forms, and the functionality of details. More than fashion, Denim, is a lifestyle and therefore we strive to offer a perfect combination of comfort, practicality, and contemporary design, which are the true essentials in every wardrobe

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