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I think therefore, I am

Ahmedabad has grown into a major commercial and industrial hubs in India.
Ahmedabad has been rapidly expanding at a pace that is difficult to keep up with.
The city has seen an immense growth of commercial and residential
infrastructure, addition of multiple flyovers, underbridges, multiple industries
and projects. Apart from this the city also boasts the World’s largest cricket
stadium, a superb riverfront, along with heritage marvels like Sidi Saiyyed Jali,
Adalaj vav, the ones which leave us in awe! METRO, BRTS, AMTS are available to
for Public transport. Multiple recreational have developed giving an opportunity
to the citizen to explore their hobbies, and passion. The people are completely
energetic, positive spirited, enterprising, and now also very active and aware
about fitness like never before. Under the Government of India’s flagship Smart
Cities Mission, Ahmedabad has been chosen as one of the hundred Indian cities
to be built as a smart city. The encompassing urban agglomeration population
has estimated it the seventh-most populous in India.
Hence, we cannot help but show pride in being a brand from Ahmedabad.

We are now open at 12/A, One World West, opp vakil
bridge, sardar patel ring road, Ambli, Bopal. 

Even we want to keep up with the zestful nature of the city, to provide the people
of the city with the nicest experiences where ever they are present. There were
times when shopping was concentrated to a certain areas in the city. People
would have limited options such as C. G. road, or to some mall to shop. But over
the years, Ahmedabad has evolved rapidly and expanded its limits so much so
that the city now has also covered its outer ring road. New areas have developed
across all directions of Ahmedabad. With such a positive growth also comes its
dark side, Traffic! Now imagine having to travel multiple hours in that slow
moving traffic! Annoying right? Wouldn’t you prefer getting all such good shops
with great collection accessible in and around your vicinity. Yep, we’ve got your
back. Keeping your convenience and our accessibility to you in mind, we are
launching our 125th store across India and 12th store in the city at 12/A, One
World West, Bopal-Ambli junction. We feel so elevated to have grown along with
the city and still trying our best to match the ever evolving spirit of the hustling
bustling Ahmedabad. Apart from the newly inaugurated store at Bopal-Ambli
junction, we are also present at Science City, Gota, CG Road, Vastrapur, 4D
Square, Vastral, Nikol, Bapunagar, Himayal Mall, South Bopal, along with our twin
city; Gandhinagar.

Having a presence at Bopal-Ambli junction is a must-must for us because of the
immense new developments, constructions, infrastructures happening around
the area along with a great spur in the number of cosmopolitan crowds which we
believe we strongly connect to. The extensive presence of multiple national and
international boutiques and chains including the ones ranging from footwear,
food, clothing, accessories, spas, and everything else that you can think of, makes
this location is an ideal shopping

How could we let you miss BLUE BUDDHA here!

Our products are designed and made by the experts who
work on latest trends & style and bring forth the finest
piece to the market.


Considering the affluent area and people around,
we have made special efforts in building this store.
We have built this store with plush interiors that
have latest international concepts like linear
lightings, OSB Wood for a raw and casual look,
metal fixtures, and such. Our stores sport a
combination of Blue and Grey to soothe your mind
while you are shopping. All this in a combination of
great music and good fragrance is just wow! Our
Styling consultants have great knowledge enriched
with past experiences to serve you. They are
available to assist you at the store for a better

This store being a premium one, will showcase a vast repertoire to choose from. An extensive
range of Men’s Fashion including Shirts, Denims, Trousers, T-shirts, Lounge wear, Blazers,
Deos, Socks, Face masks and much more will be available at store. Can you imagine adoring
the latest stripes, floral printed shirts, ankle fit denims, chinos, lycra tees, solid polos,
accessories, and all such must haves of your wardrobe, all at one place! Now imagine fashion
starting at only Rs. 399/-! How can one resist the temptation? Come visit us to find out more.

We are open from 27th June 2021 onwards.

Think Smart, Buy Smart.