Minimalist fashion is on the rise because it gives simplicity to the eyes yet it keeps you stylish. Keeping it simple and minimal doesn’t mean it has to be boring. One can diversify one’s closet by smoothly combining various colours or different attires. In fact, a minimalist look is symbolic of zen lifestyle of keeping it effortless along with relaxing. Below given is list of must-haves that every men should have in their wardrobe to unlock the secret to zen minimal lifestyle :-

Timeless Denim Shirt :

One of the wisest investments to revamp your fashion game is going for that most desired denim shirt. They are not only all seasonal wear but have the capacity to be worn on all occasions as well. Now, when you look at the ongoing trends, you’ll find that denim shirts are always hip. The reason being in summers you can simply pair a buttoned-up denim shirt with black denims and get that edgier look. However, in winters you can donne it over any solid coloured tee and go casual.

Dark Pair of Denims for your Look Good Factor :

Denim jeans are versatile and sturdy. They strut your sense of style as and when you decide to dress up or down. A denim’s life goal is to last over a lifetime while maximising your sense of comfort throughout. A slim and dark pair of denims in blue, black, olive or grey balances your body proportion while leaving the optimum space for your legs.

YOLO in my POLO :

If classiness had a definition, it’d be none other than through polo t-shirts. However, most men often make the mistake of styling the wrong material of polos on a wrong event. If your day looks like one on the badminton court or a golf club, you should consider a polo in synthetic material like polyester that is combined with natural material to sweat it out and keep it odour free. But when you’ve to attend office meetings during your day, then opt for silk blended with cotton and linen material based polo that gives you a sophisticated look on the front.

Cotton Trousers to Spice Up your Outfit :

Cotton trousers also recognised as chinos offer you a clean and finished look in a business casual setting. Now, when paired with a crisp white shirt or even shirts in neutral colours along with a dark coloured blazer and you are ready to rock the board room meeting. Moreover, in spite of being old school they offer you a feeling of comfort. They are preferable especially when there is scorching heat outside because they offer breathability through their breezy and light fabric. Now when you finish the look with a pair of dark coloured loafers or white sneakers and there you have an uber casual look! 

Striped is Right :

One of the game changers in terms of men's fashion lifestyle is the introduction of striped shirts. They have become staple and that is why every man must have it in their closet. The vibe of stripes is primarily languid, breezy and one that makes you feel that you are on a holiday even if you are just living your monotonous life. Now, splash some colours for your bottoms be it white trousers, black jeans or simply dark blue denims and it cannot look any more charming.

In case you were reworking on your closet or just filling the space in between, this list is bound to be useful. It’s always a yes to mix and match these trends to make dressing better feel like a piece of cake. If this blog helped you to look fly, make sure to let us know in the comment section below for more blogs on this domain. Also make sure you share this blog in your friend circle.


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