You know summers are here when layers of clothes on your skin are minimal and your search for breezy, comfortable and cool outfits is on the run. Summers give you an opportunity to have more outdoor fun and soak up the sun. It’s time to loosen up, increase your charm through your tan as you mix and match with colours, styles and fabrics. Therefore, in this heat of the moment, we've got some of the most trending summer outfits which will leave a winning effect on everyone that you are trying to impress!

Slay with Pastels:

Casual shirts in pastel colours like pink, blue or even green offer you the lightness and brightness in your personality. As you put on these crisp shirts, it’ll offer you the laid back and stress free feeling that you so desire. Elevate your style as you keep it unbuttoned till the three buttons or even if it’s buttoned up as per your choice. Infact, pastel colours are a foundation collection in your wardrobe and turn out the best when paired with blue or black denims. For the finishing touches, say yes to your cool pair of shades that will protect your eyes from the blazing sunlight.

Your Whites will Excite You:

In this weather it’s advised to cut down on dark colours as they soak up more heat and opt for more shades of white. They are simple yet the smartest choice in the room because of its biggest advantage of being easy to pair. You can wear anything from shorts to chinos and in no time you’ll find yourself ready to hangout with friends or even while you’re pairing an outfit for the awaited summer trip. To avail a finishing look, you can add a summer hat in terms of your headwear and a pair of  sunglasses to keep the sun off your charming face.

Going Solo in my Polo:

In this series of discussion on outfits, it’ll be incomplete without a mention about polos. Their short fitted sleeves along with its overall fit makes you feel airy. Moreover, its well fitted collars offer you the opportunity to dress up or down depending on any formal or casual event. In fact, they offer you  freedom in your movements because of their well- knitted material. Just like the icing on the cake, these solid or even striped polos when paired with stone washed or mid wash jeans, a white pair of sneakers and a sleek watch will give you the much desired look.

Checked, the Best Bet:

The biggest advantage of checked shirts is that they are suitable for all body shapes and types. They are not only cool and stylish but also have a premium finishing look. For a day-to-day look you can have charcoal shade denims at the bottom. You know the rule of the thumb, cuff up your sleeves and always choose the right fit which is not too tight to add a little spice to this summer.

Perfect- tee- tion:

T-shirts are the basic and most appropriate choice of clothing in relation to the weather. They make your shoulders look broad as they add character to your personality. You can always experiment with a round, V neck or a buttoned up T-shirt while picking neutral colours like grey, beige or even cream. Now, when you mix and match these T-shirts with a pair of straight fit jeans, we’ll surely have to call the fashion police! 

We hope that now we’ve not only revamped your wardrobe for this summer but also provided with the best outfits to choose from as you are on the move. If you need more styling directions, make sure to mention them down below along with sharing this blog in your circle.

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